Mousley Consulting is staffed by computer professionals with a wide range of experience.

Mousley Consulting, Inc.

All client work begins with a thorough analysis of our customers’ needs and concerns. We work with our customers to create comprehensive designs and plans that are tailored to their specific business and industry.

Mousley Consulting, Inc.

All implementations are thoroughly validated and supported to insure everything works perfectly, the first time and every time. We also solicit and use client feedback to enhance our processes and future performance.


Some of our Areas of Specialty:

«-: Contract Research :-

We helped a Connecticut business create a real estate investment trust by finding sources of qualified investors willing to invest in rental properties and good locations in which to purchase properties.

We helped a Pennsylvania business replace its enterprise software. We discovered the major product vendors and developed a strategy for this corporation to evaluate the competing vendors.

We helped a Minnesota business reposition their products. We supplied them with the information needed on how wireless medical devices are and can be used.

We specialize in contract research, large or small. We perform the due diligence you need to help you make the decisions you want to make.

Mousley Consulting has a proprietary information gathering strategy that procures the information you need to make informed decisions. Mousley Consulting also has developed decision-making strategies for clients that have helped them with informed decision-making.

Mousley Consulting works with you and your decision-making strategy to tailor a budget especially for you. We offer hourly information search. We also offer ongoing subscription plans. We even offer a dedicated part time or full time Information Analysis on a longer-term contract basis. Mousley Consulting fully documents the source of all information we obtain. We believe in verifying the accuracy of our information sources.

«-: Project Management :-

Our Principal is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP certified).

We have managed large scale projects such as a complete Computer Aided Licenses Application (CALA) to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This project involved scanning in patient forms, compiling electronic versions of statistical analysis and study reports, and putting them in a complete package for FDA review.

We have performed both project and data management of six (6) Phase I Clinical Trials. This work included everything from CRF Design to SAS Dataset generation.

We have also managed the data capture, query and cleaning of clinical data for a number of drug studies for several different pharmaceutical companies.

«-: System Analysis and Design :-

We have evaluated numerous business processes such as determining quotations for cast aluminum, bronze, and brass castings. We have put together the entire office computing system for a non-ferrus foundary.

We also have designed and developed edit-check systems (a package of queries that test data integrity) for clinical data cleaning.

«-: Database Development :-

Our largest efforts in recent years have been in designing and developing databases for clinical studies. These databases hold information about patients, their medical background, their clinical diagnosis, their treatment drugs, their laboratory test results, and other pertinent medical data. The data contained in these databases is used for applications to the FDA for licenses to sell over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

These databases have been developed in both Oracle based applications and SQL Server based applications. These applications include Oracle Clinical, eResearch Technology eData Management (3.X, 4.X, and 5.X), eResearch Technology eData Entry, OmniComm Systems TrialMaster, ClinTrial (3.X and 4.X), Acumen Health Care TrakIt2K, ClinCapture, Horizon Data Management system, and several client company proprietary applications.

We also have developed database applications for metal searching, valve testing results, and for contact management.

«-: Programming :-

We have programmed a large array of different applications ranging from a natural language (English) interpretation program and image processing of xray images to a price calculation program that was used by a client for over 15 years. We have written programs in many languages including C++, LISP, Visual Basic, Fortran, RPL, SQL, PL*SQL, Pro*C, and Visual FoxPro just to name a few.

«-: Training Seminars :-

We offer a number of training opportunities. Please contact us for details.

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